Charlotte House in Manchester city centre was designed by Edward Walters, Free Trade Hall architect, and built as a cotton warehouse in 1857. The building needed branding for the proposal of a leisure refurbishment managed by Deloitte Real Estate.


Clear thinking

The branding tells the story of a building beginning its life in the grand Victorian age of 'Cottonopolis' during which time the novelist Charlotte Brontë studied in the Portico Library situated opposite Charlotte House.

The prominent links to novelist Charlotte Brontë, writer of Jane Eyre, led me to creating the strapline, "A story beginning in 1857".

Creative design

Inspired by the windows of Charlotte House, I have used the shape of the triangular pediment to dually present the icon as a flag often seen displaying outside of hotel buildings. The raised rosette roundels over each window at the third floor have been incorporated in a style resembling the internal leadlight windows.

If you want to work together on a design project, speak to me on 07539 619426 or email to discuss.

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