Latest projects

White Label Hospitality

White Label Hospitality provide a ticketing and hospitality service for sports, music, theatre and cultural events across the UK. They wanted to refresh their branding and online presence in order to market their services more effectively to high-net-worth individuals and corporate clients.


Visual identity

The previous iteration of the logo was unbalanced and difficult to read. I proportioned the logotype and tagline to maintain legibility when applied at small sizes. The addition of a white rectangular "label" allows the logo to be placed over colour and photography without losing clarity. Assets have been created following the shapes within the logo to reinforce the brand where a more impactful approach is required. The branding is now confident, distinctive and portrays exclusivity.

Digital design and UX

The White Label website has been redesigned to enable visitors to quickly search for event listings, view availability and purchase online. A template for social media assets has also been established to maintain brand consistency across each platform. View the website at

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